How do dentists fill a cavity?

A filling is a method to repair a tooth damaged through decay back to the usual shape and functions. If a dentist offers you a filling, your doctor first eliminates the decayed tooth things, cleans the damaged spot and fills the cavity with a filling thing. Through closing off sites where bacteria can get in, a filing also enable avoid further decay. Materials utilized for filings include porcelain, gold, an amalgam and a composite resin. No one kind of filling is effective for everyone. What is best for you will be decided by the level of the damage, whether you possess allergies to some materials, where in the mouth the filling is required, and the fees. Gold fillings are done in a lab and cemented in to spot.

Different materials:

Gold inlays are best tolerated by gum tissues. So, lot of authorities think gold the right filling material. But, it is always the costliest choice and needs several visits to the dental clinic. Silver fillings are resilient to wear and very cheap. But because of the dark color, these fillings are noticeable than porcelain and are not normally availed in visible places like front teeth. Composite resins or plastic are suited to be the similar color like your teeth and thus availed where a natural look is liked. The materials are combined and kept straight in to the cavity. They may not be the perfect material for big fillings because they may wear or chip over time. These materials can even be stained from tea, coffee or tobacco.

Crown or cap:

Porcelain fillings are known as onlays or inlays and are made in a lab and connected to the tooth. They can be suited to the color of the tooth and control staining. This type of filling usually covers most of the tooth. The fees are also same to gold. If a fracture or decay has affected a huge portion of the tooth, a cap or a crown may be suggested. Decay that has attained the nerve may be considered in two methods, by root canal therapy or proper procedure known as pulp capping. How do dentists fill a cavity? If the dental care provider decides to fill a cavity, he will eliminate the decay and clean the damaged spot. The cleaned out cavity will be stuffed or packed with different types of materials like gold, silver or porcelain.


Only the doctor can identify whether you contain a cavity which wants to be filled. At the time of check-up, your specialist will avail a small mirror to test the surfaces of every tooth. Anything which appears abnormal will be checked closely with special instruments. Your doctor may even x-ray the full mouth or a section of it. The kind of treatment the dentist selects will be based on the level of damage created by decay. There is a reason that you required a filling. You want to know why you received a cavity and decide how to fix the repair. Creating changes to the diet and oral hygiene can avoid the requirement for future fillings.



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