How important is oral hygiene?

Dental health was hounded into our heads when we were little kids. Things like flossing, brushing, and dental visits were regular habits and an important aspect to our parents, but as we age, we tend to take this important aspect of our life for granted. Finding from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that only 44% of the population obtains professional dental cares. So, how important is oral hygiene?The following post introduces you to some of the fundamental importance of good oral hygiene.


Preventing dental problems


Well, we all know that good oral hygiene is the first step to preventing dental problems such as gum diseases and tooth decay. Basically, the bacteria in the mouth can build over time, and when they mix up with body particles and white blood cells, they form a sticky biofilm known as the plague. This biofilm formed continuously throughout the day between your teeth and most notably, where the toothbrush can’t reach that quickly; thus the acid on the plague break down the enamel, weakening it., therefore allowing cavities to form. Therefore, if you fail to floss or brush regularly, the plaque will form a hard substance that can only be removed by a dental specialist.


Overall body health


It is easy to assume that oral health only affects the mouth, but in essence, poor oral hygiene habits can cause other serious concerns. A recent study conducted by American Heart Association found that professional dental care could help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. The argument behind the findings is that regular visit to the dentist can reduce the inflammation causing bacteria. The bacteria are also said to cause inflammation of the blood vessel, which increase chances of getting certain diseases in the body. Also, If you have bacterial in your mouth, then there are likely chance that your body will be battling to prevent it from affecting the rest of your body, giving a window of opportunities for body invaders to attack you.


Better Nutrition

Everything that enters your body comes from your mouth, which means that if your mouth cannot be able to take the good stuff, then there are more chances that you will have poor health. Therefore, practicing good oral hygiene habits means that your ability to eat healthy foods is high.


So, what makes up good oral hygiene?


Well, oral hygiene is more than brushing and flossing your teeth daily. Of course, a dentist will recommend that the key to maintaining good oral health is to brush thoroughly at least twice in a day and flossing once a day alongside mouthwash, but it’s also important to check your eating and drinking habits or basically whatever that you take with your mouth. For example, avoiding tobacco is a big favor to your oral health. Try also to avoid beverages and drinks with a high level of phosphorous. Choose those that strengthen your teeth and build your enamel such a milk and plenty of water.

Remember those earlier days where regular visits to a dentist was a habit, well, you probably remember those days that a visit to a dentist is the key to good oral hygiene, so make sure that every member of your family sees dentists at least a year for a full oral hygiene treatment.



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