What are dentures?

Dentures have been used as a standard teeth replacement option for people who have already lost their original teeth. However, this removable dental appliance has several shortcomings. For instance, disgracefully fitted removable dentures can harm or break neighboring teeth.


Indeed, even well-balanced dentures can turn out to be loose when the underlying delicate tissues and bone shrink after some time. If you struggle every day with your poorly fitted dentures and suffer a great arrangement of discomfort, irritation, and torment because of the removable dentures, then you can benefit from a unique innovation called Snap-On-Dentures. These disadvantage of traditional dentures can be overcome with a modern type of overdenture that is stabilized by implanting a dental implant with a standard ball projection.


What are Snap-on Dentures?


It is a sort of over-denture that gets some support from the implants that it snaps onto. Not at all like the old dentures that rest on the gums and tend to be loose in the mouth, this particular dental tool is tied down to multiple posts of the implant and therefore does not slide out of place while eating and speaking.


When the placement of this particular dental tool is done, more than two posts of titanium are planted on the lower jaw then four on the upper jaw. Then the device with exceptional removable attachments and false teeth snaps on to the implants. This dental device does not require cement to fit firmly in the mouth. The implants give strong anchorage to the denture. This denture sort can be snapped on and off quickly.




Distinctive sorts of snap on denture available in the market include the full and partial type, and additionally, bar retained, and ball retained.


1. The full snap on denture is a great choice for people who don’t care for the feeling of a denture on the top of the palate of the mouth. This palate-less dental tool is attached to 5 or 4 implant posts for a firmer grip. People in need of several teeth replacements can select partial snap on dentures.


2. Bar-retained snap on dentures requires no less than three implants, while Ball-retained dentures need no less than two. For bar retained dentures at least three dental implants are placed into the jaw bone, then a thin metal bar that keeps running along the bend of your jaw is attached to these implants. The denture fitted with clips or other sorts of attachments rests on this bar.


3. Ball-retained snap on dentures works with a ball and socket component. A dental implantation in the jaw-bone holds a metal ball formed “male” attachment that fits into a socket or “female” attachment on the denture.




• Snap-on dentures can bring about a host of oral medical advantages, in addition to renewed self-assurance and improved lifestyle.


• This dental device enhances your facial esthetics and gives you improved discourse clarity.


• It disposes of the need for creams, or messy denture glues to keep the device stay firmly in place.


• With this imaginative prosthetic denture, your biting efficiency enhances, and you can eat each kind of nourishment.


• Implantation supported by dentures prevents the jaw-bone from resorbing.






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